Two final reports from the Biran excavations have appeared in print with another four planned volumes in preparation. Volumes 3 and 4, soon to go to press, will present the Bronze Age and Medieval materials, as well as much of the Iron Age materials, esp. from Areas B and M. Volumes 5 and 6 will cover the Iron Age temple (Area T) and gateway complex (Area A) respectively. Subsequent volumes will report the results of the new excavations begun in 2005.

Dan I: A Chronicle of the Excavations, the Pottery Neolithic, the Early Bronze Age and the Middle Bronze Age Tombs
Avraham Biran, David Ilan, and Raphael Greenberg
Israel Exploration Society, 1996


Dan 2: A Chronicle of the Excavations and the Late Bronze Age “Mycenaean” Tomb
Edited by Avraham Biran and Rachel Ben-Dov
Israel Exploration Society, 2002


Biblical Dan
Avraham Biran
Israel Exploration Society, 1994



One response to “Publications

  1. The excavationsreports as well as Birans popular Book “Biblical Dan” are fantastic to read. “Biblical Dan” is a big treasure with all the deep knowledge of Prof. Biran related to the Bible. Read the Books and visit Tel Dan – you will be fascinated!

    Alexander Schick
    Qumran- & Bibleexhibition Sylt

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