Dr. David Ilan, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion


David Ilan is the Director of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Jerusalem. A native of Los Angeles, he has lived in Israel since 1976. Dr. Ilan has excavated at Tel Arad with Ruth Amiran, Tel Dan with Avraham Biran and at Tel Megiddo with Israel Finkelstein, David Ussishkin and Baruch Halpern. Prior to joining the administration of HUC-JIR, Dr. Ilan lectured at Tel Aviv University in the Department of Archaeology. His publications deal with a wide range of subjects: the Middle Bronze Age of the southern Levant, the archaeology of death, northern Israel in the early Iron Age and the problem of antiquities plunder and trade. He is now preparing a series of final publications on the Tel Dan excavations with Avraham Biran and the staff of the Nelson Glueck School. He received his Ph.D. in Archaeology from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Ryan Byrne, Rhodes College


Ryan Byrne is the Director of the Archaeology Program and Archaeometry Laboratory at Rhodes College and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. A veteran of several excavations in North America, Syria, and Israel, including a long stint with the Israel Antiquities Authority, Ryan received his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from the Johns Hopkins University, as well as degrees in Archaeology, History and Religion from the University of Redlands in California. Ryan’s research largely concerns the interdisciplinary connections between archaeology, social history, cultural anthropology, and sociolinguistics. His interests include the history and anthropology of the ancient Near East; West Semitic epigraphy and papyrology; archaeology of political authority; political economy (subsistence, commodification, labor, gender and exchange); anthropology of writing systems. In addition to the Tel Dan expedition, Ryan also co-directs excavations at the Ames Plantation in Tennessee, where he has developed a project on the archaeology of exploitation, focusing on nineteenth-century plantations and several Mississippian-period ceremonial mounds.

Dr. Nili Fox, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion


Nili Fox is Associate Professor of Bible at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati and Director of The Archaeology Center on the Cincinnati campus. She received her Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Her area of specialization is the study of Israelite history and culture in the context of the Ancient Near East, especially issues such as religion, literacy and state-organization. She is the author of In the Service of the King: Officialdom in Ancient Israel and Judah (HUC Press, 2000).


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